8051 Integrated Development Environment for Windows


Product Summary

The 8051 IDE combines a text editor, assembler, and software simulator into a single program. All components needed to develop 8051 programs are available and controllable from this single IDE running on Windows 2000 and XP. The following illustrates the main application screen.

Enter and modify the program source code from within the built in editor. Then assemble the source code by selecting the Assemble command. If any errors are located, double clicking on the error listing loads the appropriate source module and the cursor is placed on the line containing the error. Fix the error and move to the next error (if any) by double clicking the next error in the list. Once all errors have been fixed reassemble the code.

After successfully assembling the source code use the simulator to step through your program. You can watch registers, flags, ports and memory locations change as your program progresses. In addition to the predefined watch windows (register, internal memory, direct memory, etc) you can create a custom watch window. In this window add entries for any of the 8051 resources. Using the simulator you can see the flow of your program. You're able to verify that it operates as intended. If it does not then return to the editor, reassemble and back to the simulator.

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Key Features

The 8051 IDE provides a user interface similar to that of Microsoft's Visual C++. It combines an editor, assembler and simulator for the 8051 microcontroller into a single Windows application. Some of the key features for each of these integrated components are listed below.

Integrated Editor

  • Multiple document, multiple view architecture
  • Standard editor features (cut, paste, undo, redo, find, find/replace, etc.)
  • Built in file text search (grep utility)

Integrated Assembler

  • Assemble individual source files
  • Assemble multiple source files (Registered Version)
  • Automatically open and position cursor on source line of offending assembly error by double clicking on errors listed in the output window.

Integrated source level simulator

  • Set break points
  • Single step through code
  • Step into and over subroutine calls
  • Step out of subroutine
  • Execute to source line
  • Execute to break point
  • Execute to user break
  • Predefined simulator watch windows (registers, ports, memory, etc)
  • User definable watch window

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Download 8051 IDE for Windows

The downloadable 8051 IDE Evaluation Software is a fully functional unregistered evaluation version of the 8051 IDE for Windows with the following limitations

  • 16k byte editor text buffer
  • No include file support

This download is available as an upgrade of earlier versions. It is also provided for evaluation purposes. The registration options and pricing are given above.

The latest version of the IDE is available from the following link

PkZIP compressed file: win8051.zip
Last updated: February 2, 2009
Version 1.30

To install the 8051 for Windows IDE simply download the win8051.zip file.

Extract the setup files contained in the win8051.zip file to a temporary directory.

Once the setup files have been extracted, run the Setup.exe program to begin the installation process.

Once the installation is complete you can delete the files that were unzipped.


The win8051.zip file available above can be redistributed in an unmodified state only. The Registered version is not available for evaluation and therefore can not be redistributed. It must be obtained directly from AceBus or one of its authorized suppliers.

To enable all features of the IDE download the registration key file from the following link


and copy it to the folder 8051.exe was installed.

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