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The Scanning Keyboard (SKeys) Software is a single switch Windows program. Its primary function is to operate as the keyboard and mouse for the same or another Windows based computer. Allowing an individual who is unable to operate a traditional keyboard and mouse to use a Windows based computer via a single switch.

The setup can be a dual computer system or a single computer system with dual monitors. In a dual computer system one computer runs the SKeys program, which in turn controls the second computer via a serial cable connecting the two computers. On a single computer with multiple monitors, the SKeys program runs in one monitor and the application programs are run in the other.

The SKeys program allows an individual (via a single switch) to:

Program Operation

SKeys menus are arranged in multiple rows with multiple columns. The main SKeys menu is displayed below:

When SKeys first starts a cursor moves across the top of each column (referred to as column scanning). To select a menu option the user presses the switch when the cursor is over the column containing the desired entry. At which point the cursor starts down the menu column highlighting each entry in that column as it moves. When the desired menu entry is highlight the user presses the switch to select that menu option.

This menu organization and selection process provides an efficient and effortless method of command selection for the user. Users who have difficulty and tire quickly while operating a traditional keyboard can typically operate the SKeys system for much longer periods of time. In addition users which are unable to operate a computer using the traditional keyboard and mouse, can control that same computer via SKeys provided they can operate a single switch.

The main menu contains the commands, the alphabet, digits 0 through 9, as well as other keyboard characters. Word creation can be done using either of two selection modes. The first is word selection. In word selection, when a letter is selected the main menu is replaced with a menu containing a list of words starting with the selected letter. The user then selects the desired word. The selected word is either sent to the remote computer (when in keyboard mode) or added to the message being create locally (when in communication mode).

The alternate mode of word creation is letter mode. When in letter mode only the selected letter is sent to the remote computer or added to the local message. This mode of operation is used when a desired word is not in the word list. The user can also add and remove words from the word list customizing it to suit their needs.


The Scanning Keyboard and Communicator software and hardware can be obtained from

The SHARE Foundation, Inc.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

(508) 999-8482

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